Illustration Friday: Voices


Scratchboard, of course, because I am intent on using up the world’s remaining supply, with the rough edges left in this time because I like the texture. As usual, I have saved the image larger than the original (5 x 7.5 cm or 2 x 3 inches).

This pair of carol singers is a study for a larger group of singers I still wouldn’t mind doing, but probably for next Christmas. I had ambitious plans tonight, but had to do (what I hope is) the final print run of Christmas cards (more about those here). This is not to rule out artistic hijinks tomorrow night, but even I know I should try to exercise some self-restraint and not overdo things (ha! says she who was out every night with Aimee & co from Thursday and at a Darren Hanlon concert with Deb until very late last night and is up to I-don’t-want-to-l00k-at-the-clock tonight).

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Voices

  1. Thanks!
    Merry Christmas to you too, Kris-Tea.
    carla and jrt – it is so much fun to use and the effects can be startling. I don’t know why it isn’t used more!

  2. Technical question, I suppose: what implements do you actually use to make the lines in the scratchboard? Or does it depend on what *type* of scratchboard it is–does silver scratchboard require a different implement from a black one?

    Incidentally, the Northern Mockingbird of North America is probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a magpie soundwise:

  3. Thanks, Miz Katie & Indigene!

    Will, you can buy special scraper tools, but I just use craft knives/stanley knives with different tips (I bought a box of different sizes for $2 at a discount store) and occasionally needles. I sometimes use my pocketknife to clear large areas.

    What a pretty bird!

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