Little Foxes

This is a cross-post for the Moly-X Portrait Exchange 1:

Benconservato's sketchbook for mx portraits 1.

My entry for Emma’s moleskine, with a dip pen and ink. Whenever I think of Emma’s art I think of little foxes, but these ones have escaped. (That’s me on the cover of the book). You can see a close-up here.

The new blog header is taken from this entry, coloured in photoshop.

January blog header

8 thoughts on “Little Foxes

  1. I like those “little foxes”. Very imaginative–never thought of that type of “escapism” in art. (ha)

    Oddly, the Hebrew word shu’al (שועל) translated “foxes” in Canticles 2:15 can also be (according to some commentaries) be rendered as “jackals”–and there is actually a species of jackal, per those same commentaries, that stands 15 inches (37.5 cm?) in height. So…”little jackals”? Not quite as poetic as “little foxes”!

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