Illustration Friday: Contained


A scratchboard illustration (with touches of colour added in Photoshop), during which I discovered that reclining on the sofa half-watching a documentary was not the best position for working in scratchboard. We learn from our experiences. Also from fairytales: E Nesbit’s ‘Melisande, or Long and Short Division’, apart from having one of my favourite titles, taught me the value of keeping scissors in your pocket. Modern women’s clothing, alas, does not run to pockets.

I bought more scratchboard today. I don’t need it yet, but I consider it one of my civic duties to keep up the demand.

20 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Contained

  1. I do love your stuff in this style! This is great. If I ever write a book of children’s fairytales, you’re the first illustrator I’ll call. :)

  2. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Bec – I’ll hold you to that :)
    Will – if you can track down a book of Nesbit’s fairytales it is worthwhile and entertaining!

  3. That is lovely and evocative and so true to the tenor of fairy tales!

    Regarding no pockets in women’s clothing: Ben thinks it’s a bit of a rort: he thinks it’s ridiculous that us girls have to buy clothing with no pockets, and then buy a bag which is practically pocket-sized! He does have a point …

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