Christmas, from a distant vantage point


I posted the Christmas cards in good time. Below are several other Christmas projects so far left unreported.

I carved this design in lino and printed notecards. The ink is white block printing ink with green gouache added, which made it too sticky (but lent a nice texture). I also printed some sets in black.

Green bird notecards

These small cards and small moleskine cahiers are printed with a rubber block I carved a while ago now. I bought the envelopes but the cards are 10x15cm index cards folded in half.

Gift sets

I ran out of gift tags when wrapping the notecards, so labelled the packages (for Becky and Mommy) with ribbon and sticky tape. I figured they’d work out who the giver was.

Emergency wrapping

Becky and I gave each other a 365 day journal to fill up and swap back at the end of the year. I made her this double-sided spiral accordion-fold book of ideas:

Ideas for a Christmas Present

Me and my dignity:

Christmas 2008

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