Illustration Friday: Time


This week’s Illustration Friday picture is an scratchboard illustration (with colour added in Photoshop) for a game, and also a reference back to my “contained” illustration in January.

We used to play “What’s the time, Mister Wolf?” a great deal when we were little – more than “Red Rover” or “Branding” (although I have a story about that) or “Crack the Whip” (popular but dangerous) or “Sharks and Islands” (invented and evolving) or “Eggs Bacon Chips or Cheese” (convoluted). It may have been because it has a low entry threshold and shallow learning curve. (Wikipedia gives some information on the game – we tended to play the simplest version).

Time (black and white)

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Time

  1. So much of the wolf makes it look innocent and playful. The missing front paws make it powerless and harmless, The large eye and small toothless mouth make it kind. The way the rump curves under submissively and yet the tail sticks up playfully add to the charm.

    It seems it is only the blood red hilights that give away the wolfish nature within. Something that in black and white looks more like snow and reverses the impact.

    Maybe it is the size and foreground position of the wolf, but it certainly dominates my attention requiring me to put effort into holding my focus on the girl.

  2. Tanaudel!

    Hi! I love this illustration! Has an updated modern folk art feel.
    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments. I’ve been falling behind on my correspondence lately… but I always appreciate them!

    Have a terrific day!


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