Work in progress

Here is a very small glimpse of some rough sketches I have been working on for a project:

Work in progress

Top row: scratchboard with colour added in photoshop (red and blue from an acrylic painting)
Middle row: pencil with digital colour, pen & ink with digital colour, texture in third from left is from old paper
Bottom row: first on left is pen and ink messed with in photoshop; second is two layers of pen & ink with texture from old paper added in photoshop; third is brush and ink.

It’s still at the thumbnail stage. I would not usually do this many thumbnails to this stage but I have been having so much fun sketching in colour and scratchboard and working out ideas that way and having an excellent reason to break out the sepia ink / sketch freehand in scratchboard, etc.

More in the fullness of time.

Oh, and in other work in progress news, I have sent out ‘E&tF’ again. So that’s two submissions this year (same story, but recycling may save the planet).

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