Impossible Tree

Ste's Moly - Moly_x_42 - close ups

My contribution to Ste’s moleskine for the 42nd moleskine exchange, in which I sort-of-failed-to-reread-the-theme immediately prior to leaping into the picture. It was meant to be “something from your imagination that isn’t based on anything in the real, physical world”, so I’ve called it “Impossible Tree”.

Ste's Moly - Moly_x_42

5 thoughts on “Impossible Tree

  1. I liked letting my eyes race around the path but could not complete it because the little animals have such personality I can’t help but look to see what they are doing.

  2. I like the unexpected floral details and the teensy animals frolicking. Reminds me of Illuminated borders of medieval books. If medieval books had bilbies, magpies or possums, that is. :)

    • Thanks!
      Tim – I am always happy to provide distractions :)
      Aimee – bilbies? Well, the drawing is very small. Let’s compromise on all-purpose Australian marsupials.

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