Illustration Friday: Intricate

Illustration Friday: Intricate (colour)

A music box for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Intricate”. Scratchboard (c. 6x8cm) with colour added in photoshop.

I can’t listen to ‘Fly me to the Moon’ now without thinking of the movie The Dish:

Reporter (to Cliff): How do the messages get back from the moon?
Mitch (sotto voce to Glenn): Carrier pigeons.

Illustration Friday: Intricate (original)

In other news, the current project (of which more soon) proceeds and is almost done (tweaking lettering and testing my computer’s limits), and in a little over a week I am going to the launch of the book the illustrations at the bottom of my last post are in, and then I can put those up.

ETA: Two more quotes, because The Dish has so many:

Janine: You have a gun? 
Rudi: Yep. This is an official NASA instalation, after all. 
Janine: Does mum know you have a gun? 
Rudi: No. And don’t you go telling her, either! Or else she might come and take it off me.


Glenn (explaining receiving stations to Janine): Imagine the earth as a basketball. 
Mitch: This’ll be good.
Glenn: And on top of the basketball there’s… What’s the name of the thing you put the pump into?
Mitch: A hole.
Glenn: Yeah but it’s got a name… The valve! Imagine on top there’s a valve, and on the bottom there’s another valve and…
Mitch: You know, basketballs only have one valve, Glenn.
Glenn: Well, what’s something that has two valves?
Mitch: Tuba?
Glenn: It’s gotta be round.
Mitch:  Tamborine?
Glenn: That doesn’t have valves!
Mitch:  Coconut!

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Intricate

  1. I’ve never tried scratchboard, though I think I have some somewhere. I really like the effect of this. I think I like the black and white version better. Nice!

    • It’s very much worth it, Will. One of my top Australian movies (the others are The Castle, Strictly Ballroom and Picnic at Hanging Rock).

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