Masques illustrations

I’m in Canberra on a flying visit to my older sister’s family (lots of junior athletics and fireworks) and for the launch of CSFG’s latest anthology Masques on Friday night. It was a good launch – lots of food and a chance to catch up with authors and committee and fans, with a very pleasant dinner afterwards (linguistics, 19thc frosting and European giants). I can recommend travelling to book launches.

I’ve only read four of the stories so far, and possibly not the final edits of those, but there is a very good line up (see the link above for the contents) and I am looking forward to reading the rest. But while I did not even submit a story, I did illustrate these three:

Monica Carroll’s ‘Marked from Birth’, a story of the eye of the beholder (scratchboard):

Marked from Birth

RJ Astruc’s ‘Four Parties’, cocktail parties and myths and twilight (pen and ink with grey added in Photoshop):

Four Parties

And Valerie Toh’s ‘Innuendo’, the dance of relationships and the strands of fate (scratchboard):


12 thoughts on “Masques illustrations

  1. Still purty. The gods and goddesses one, and the strands of fate one, both look very complicated! You certainly have patience.


  2. OMG! Now I’m twice as excited at the thought of my contributor copy. I especially love the Anubis in your “Four Parties” picture.

    Now, don’t get big-headed, but I think you’re so bloody talented it’s not funny. Well done mate :-)

  3. I like all of those drawings, but “Four Parties” is sensational, to my view. If Masques is ever available in the States I will definitely procure a copy. Congratulations for being published.

  4. Karen Tyrell – that’s correct, and thankyou.
    Aimee – sometimes I surprise myself.
    /Karen/ and crisitunity – thankyou!
    Jason and Will – aw, shucks :)

  5. Hi Kathleen!

    I finally got around to extracting the MOO card you gave me at dinner and tracking you down.

    This is a lovely site you have here! Your entries are wonderfully well written. I think I’m going to enjoy having a poke around here.

    I had a fantastic time meeting you at the launch. Hope all is going well.

  6. I’ll be interested to know, Will! I haven’t finished it yet so my review won’t be up until next month.

    Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Update on “The Australian Online Bookshop”: I received my copy of Masques this morning–so it went from Australia to the USA in less than ten days after my placing the order. I’d say that is pretty good.

    Have not had time to look at Masques yet.

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