I’m in Canberra on a flying visit to my older sister’s family (lots of junior athletics and fireworks) and for the launch of CSFG’s latest anthology Masques on Friday night. It was a good launch – lots of food and a chance to catch up with authors and committee and fans, with a very pleasant dinner afterwards (linguistics, 19thc frosting and European giants). I can recommend travelling to book launches.

I’ve only read four of the stories so far, and possibly not the final edits of those, but there is a very good line up (see the link above for the contents) and I am looking forward to reading the rest. But while I did not even submit a story, I did illustrate these three:

Monica Carroll’s ‘Marked from Birth’, a story of the eye of the beholder (scratchboard):

Marked from Birth

RJ Astruc’s ‘Four Parties’, cocktail parties and myths and twilight (pen and ink with grey added in Photoshop):

Four Parties

And Valerie Toh’s ‘Innuendo’, the dance of relationships and the strands of fate (scratchboard):