I missed the movies last night, so went home and went for a walk/run which was wonderful, and the reason I am wearing a singlet and have my hair all over the place in the picture below.

This is my contribution to Remi’s moleskine for the first portrait party exchange (http://mxportraits1.blogspot.com/). This is part of the international moleskine exchange (http://www.flickr.com/groups/moly_x/).

Portrait party: Remi's moleskine

It is sepia ink executed with a dip pen and crow quill nib, which I love, although I don’t usually carry them around the country with me. I kept breaking old nibs when cleaning them or drying them on my skirt, so bought new nibs and a holder on Thursday and flew to Canberra. They do, however, make impressive props when I demonstrate how many pens I carry in my handbag.

Here is the sign-in page to date with my contribution:

Portrait Party: Remi's sign in page

As usual, you can see more detail by clicking on the picture which will take you to its Flickr page, and then clicking on “all sizes” just above it.