Illustration Friday: Subtract

Illustration Friday: Subtract 1/3

In some versions of the fairytale, Cinderella’s sisters cut off parts of their own feet in order to fit the shoe. And then they get their eyes pecked out at the wedding. This is pen and india ink and Photoshop.

It was late, and I didn’t want to put the pen away, so here are two more illustrations for this week’s topic (again, coloured/treated in Photoshop):

Illustration Friday: Subtract 2/3

We were discussing at work today whether chocolate chip cookies are best cooked or raw. No contest in my mind. If it was up to me, none of the dough would make it to the oven.

And a shooting gallery:

Illustration Friday: Subtract 3/3

6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Subtract

  1. How did you get it to look like glass? Clever. Gruesome though.

    I repeat my comment about the choc chip cookies: it would work just as well for the theme ‘addition’. :)

    I knew when I got off the phone you’d decide to do art anyway. :)

  2. Thanks, red-handed!

    Crisitunity – thankyou! I was having a mental block over the rhyme, because I think last time I read it was in German: “Blut im Schuh!”

    Aimee – I might post some of the stages later. The shoes is one of my brown leather ones – I left the strap off and drew it as if it were transparent in india ink, scanned it in and added colour with various brushes. Then I ran it through a filter and some colour adjustments and crossed that with (I think) the original coloured pen sketch to give more detail.

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