Illustration Friday: Poise

Illustration Friday: Poise - coloured

All the supervillains are in raptures over this season’s autumn colour range.

Thanks to Aimee for striking some “poised to take over the world” poses for me on the weekend!

I drew the outline in pen and ink, then with the light box drew a separate layer of detail. There was also a third layer of ink and wash, but I decided to leave that out in the end. I scanned the layers and combined them in Photoshop, then added colour. Originally, I was messing around with texture but decided I preferred the flat colour.

These are the colours by themselves:

Illustration Friday: Poise - colours only

I quite like the effect and would like to do – oh, playing cards or an inlaid leather bookcover in that style.

And here’s a variation:

Illustration Friday: Poise

I like the one spot colour, and the way it can be used to bring out just one element – the background here or the hair, say, or the chair (the original is a very wonderful chair).

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Poise

  1. Hm, I wouldn’t say no to the clothes you drew on me. Shorts and a t-shirt aren’t quite super-villain clothes. :)

  2. Love it, the angular style and flat colours make it quite striking. Is that stitching or the pendant that never was?

  3. Aimee – feel free to commission a seamstress.
    Dave – thanks! I think it’s stitching. Pendants are for the next topic :)

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