Illustration Friday: Talisman

Illustration Friday: Talisman

The model is me, in a series of awkward mobile phone photos patched together in a pencil sketch. I used my light box and drew a small line drawing in india ink with a dip pen (which I love only a little bit more than the light box), and did the lettering with the dip pen as well.

I scanned the ink work in and also the cover of a book by A R Hope titled Mr Dalton’s Prescription and other stories – no publication date but awarded to Norman Dellar by the Toowoomba Congregational Sabbath School in 1907. It has a lovely floral pattern on the spine, which is my main criteria for Lifeline Booksale purchases. The flowers and the texture are from the cover of the book.

Illustration Friday: Talisman

The floral border is also from Mr Dalton’s Prescription. Originally it was printed in green on blue cloth, but I painted up a separate layer in Photoshop and combined them as so. The lettering was also textured and coloured with the cloth of the book cover.
Illustration Friday: Talisman

Here is the first illustration filtered in Photoshop then layered back under the original ink drawing.

Comments and critiques are, as always, welcome.

13 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Talisman

  1. I like this style: like an old book cover. You sure put a lot of work into it! Nice colours and contrasts, and I like the distressed finished which ages it. I also like the expression and hands.

  2. This is really lovely. Thank you for talking about your process–my mouth kindof drops open (I have no idea how to do anything in photoshop)–the results are marvelous.

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