Illustration Friday: Fleeting

Illustration Friday: Fleeting (black and white)

Fleeting, in more sense than one. The paper boats are made of copies of Masefield’s poem “Cargoes”, executed in my Moleskine in dip pen (and finger tips) and the serum-like substance that you get when you don’t shake the ink bottle.

This one is a musing on the mutability of fashion (a.k.a. watching BBC miniseries) in art pen and Photoshop:

Illustration Friday: Fleeting

If anyone came here from the “impossibility” topic, I promise faithfully that by all my clocks I posted this while it was still Friday!

Back on schedule next week.

16 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Fleeting

  1. I don’t mind at all…I liked the “fleeting” topic…plus, I look at all these just to see cool pictures and be inspired….which I am. I really like the hand and the little boats, and all the small-scale chaos behind. It makes a marvelous picture.

  2. TMartin – thank you :) That’s an excellent description of my desk.

    Aimee – thank you, and do not despair, your picture will still be there if you follow links to previous topics.

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