Cloud & Ashes

First Sighting: Cloud & Ashes

First sighting of the cover of Greer Gilman’s Cloud & Ashes (on the immediate relevance of which will be expanded on in due course, with extra material. Also, a bit of my desktop background, which may give a hint…

Oh, found another one on Library Thing:

It is being published by the excellent Small Beer Press.

7 thoughts on “Cloud & Ashes

  1. Am I understanding correctly that the cover for this book was illustrated by none other than yourself? I like it, and please accept my congratulations if that is indeed the case. If not, well, I guess I will await further details on “the immediate relevance.” (ha)

    Incidentally your illustrations look great in Masques. Before long you will have your own Wikipedia entry!

    (bounces like a bouncy thing)

    I can talk about it now!

    Congratulations! I love it; very atmospheric.

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