Illustration Friday: Impossibility

“Impossibility” made me think of those poems of impossibilities, like “Scarborough Fair” and John Donne’s “Go and catch a falling star” (which is of course featured in both Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle and Neil Gaiman’s Stardust).

As usual, I modelled for myself, holding a desk lamp with a velvet shawl over it and balancing the camera on a box of sketchbooks. Then I did a pencil sketch and put clean (well, it was when I started) drawing paper over the sketch on the lightbox and drew it in black ink. I managed to shake the ink this time, but this ink gets thick and gluggy very quickly and started clogging and then blotting everywhere, so in the end I did some scratching back with a craft knife. Then scanned, cleaned up and colour/text added and bad jokes removed.

I kept the joke in the colour version, where I took the “falling star” and went sideways (there is a shop at South Bank in Brisbane that sells ‘sale’ signs, and it amuses me that it exists).

Illustration Friday: Impossibility (colour)