Illustration Friday: Theatre

Illustration Friday: Theatre

I sketched this straight onto the back of half a sheet of A4 drawing paper and cut it out with a craft knife, then photographed it mostly by staging it on a pile of books under my desk, turning off the ceiling light, lighting the theatre with a desk lamp under my chin and lying stretched out on the floor to take a photo without a flash. My housemates took this remarkably calmly.

Then I played around with Photoshop.

This is another version with part of the pile of books:

Illustration Friday: Theatre

And here is a less tampered-with photo of the theatre.

Illustration Friday: Theatre (original)

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Theatre

  1. Thank you, Will and Aimee.

    Aimee – they’re my favourite too. Well, there’s also a tiny little cat behind one of them and a mouse behind the other, but they’ve disappeared.

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