Illustration Friday: Parade

Illustration Friday: Parade

This began life as a ballpoint drawing which I reworked with pen and ink, scanned and had fun with in Photoshop. For a change, I didn’t actually model for this one, but I did cut out a chain of similar masks just to see if the cuts and folds for the mouth and nose would work (they did).

Here is a simpler version:

Illustration Friday: Parade (black background)

Then I went a little crazy:

Illustration Friday: Parade (variations)

Oh, and I’ve put up the last of the work-in-progress posts for the book cover. Now I’m just waiting for the book!

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Parade

  1. kathy hare – thanks. I really like the different effects the colours vs bw give.

    Irina – fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

    carolyn – thank you :)

    crisitunity – my work here is done!

    T. Martin – do you mean the one on the right of the strip of four? I like that one, possibly printed on linen for the cover of a suitably gothic novel.

  2. Thanks Studio M.M.E. I love my dip pen, but there are a lot of possibilities for combining it with the computer.

    Thanks Mike Greaney.

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