Illustration Friday: Contagious (with apologies to Molly Brett)

Illustration Friday: Contagious (with apologies to Molly Brett)

ETA: Dagnabbit! I thought I’d scrape in on time – it isn’t even 11pm and the new topic is up!

Some people say the nursery rhyme “ring-a-ring-a-rosies” is about the Black Death, but I think it’s perfectly obvious from the second verse that it’s all about a plague of zombies.

The illustration is a direct homage to and heavily referenced from a number of Molly Brett’s illustrations for Underneath a Mushroom: A Second Joy-Book of Juvenile Verse compiled by John R. Crossland and first published 1934 (given to me by a friend who learned my tastes very quickly, though I note the book is rather heavier on fairies than living dead). The words are hand-lettered, but based on the font in the book.

The picture is dip pen and ink on typing paper, but the background here is a scan from a blank page of Underneath a Mushroom.

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Contagious (with apologies to Molly Brett)

  1. A magical illustration and I appreciate the accompanying text! I know ‘….we all fall down’. Is ‘…we all jump up’ from the second verse? Pretty cute zombies!

  2. Ha ha! Fabulous! Such cute little zombie kiddies. I really like this one. Very clever.

    PS am reading ‘The Treasure Seekers’ upon your recommendation, in my yr8 silent reading lessons in the library. Teacher not so silent as she laughs at every other paragraph! Wonderful book, thanks!


  3. I like this a lot – and agree you could be an illustrator for children’s books as well as sci-fi and fantasy literature. You captured a child’s innocence as seen in the ’30’s quite well!

    Happy birthday and may the year ahead be one of many blessings.

  4. Thanks all!
    Jennifer H – one of my friends knew it as “eating the buttercups” which has the advantage of rhyming.
    Crisitunity – I’ve been told I’ve been born after my time but I really really like all the modern conveniences.
    Aimee – Yay! And also thankyou in advance (it’s Tuesday).
    Thank you Will.
    Jason – they’re probably at least partly your fault!

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