In which TV is stressful

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I can’t relax in front of the TV anymore. This is because of two guidelines I made for myself: 

  1. Not to watch television unless I am doing something constructive with my hands; and
  2. Not to organise social life around television (except Doctor Who).

The constructive things (and social life) became much more compelling, and now I get twitchy when forced to sit down in front of TV or a DVD. (This is one reason I like the movies: I can’t do anything else at the same time there).

I don’t deny television has its uses. Its greatest advantage is that you can sketch people sitting very still for long stretches of time, often in peculiar poses. Those are my nephews watching Camp Laszlo at the top of this post.

This one below is of a weekend spent watching BBC miniseries out west of Toowoomba for Aimee’s birthday (well, some of us were watching and – if you can read the comments – some were swooning). Her sister Kim (blue singlet) is an exception to the “sitting still” rule.

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I had so much fun with the blocks of colour in that one.

6 thoughts on “In which TV is stressful

  1. The color is indeed wonderful in these.

    Rule #2 is very near and dear to me. It’s why I’ve started avoiding TV altogether except on DVD. As for rule #1…do you knit? It’s a great thing to do when the boob tube is on.

    • I don’t knit (choice – I can knit), although I envy those who enjoy it because it seems such a *useful* way to keep your hands busy while at lectures, etc.

      And thank you!

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