Illustration Friday: Cracked

Illustration Friday: Cracked

A photoshop sketch of one perspective of the debate on book-as-vessel vs book-as-object.

And in related news – look what I found at Pulp Fiction bookstore today!

A cloud in the hand

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Cracked

  1. Yaaay! You saw something you made in a bookshop! That’s awesome! And yes I do like your picture for ‘cracked’! Very funny. I remember howling at my sisters when I was a teenager because they borrowed my books and bent the spines… am a bit better now :).

  2. I would think it must give you a great feeling of accomplishment to see that book cover drawn by you in a REAL bookstore. Wow! Again, congratulations.

  3. Yay on spotting your bookcover in the store. You are a superstar!

    Oh MAN I still can’t handle it when people crack spines. I feel physically sick, even when it’s someone else’s book (and therefore none of my business).

    Still, there should be an RSPCB.

  4. I am so excited!

    I once fell asleep with a book in my hand, while camping with 6 people in a 2 person tent. My hand went out the tent flap with the book, where it got rained on and bitten by mosquitoes and possibly muddy, and who knows what stopped to check it out on its way down the range. It was still an excellent book, and I kind of got over being too uptight about book covers at that point in time.

    I do try to take care of other peoples’ books, and to remember to offer to replace them if I read them a little too hard.

  5. Barbarians indeed! I guess I’m finicky about this because I want my books to last me a while, and every time you read a book, it ‘dies’ a little more.

    • I pretty much just ask people to tape them back together if they’re *really* bad, but I keep extra sets of my favourites. I do try to take care of other peoples’ books, but sometimes things happen and I just feel awful, and budget for replacements. Maybe we should do borrowing condition reports, like we do on leases of houses!

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