Illustration Friday: Adapt

Pirates have to adapt to their circumstances. Dough hooks from Kenwood mixers can be adapted for costumes. Adaptations of classics are fun.

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This is the reason I have pirates on my mind:

Really bad eggs

The South Burnett Community Orchestra had a fundraising banquet in Kingaroy this Saturday past. It was pirate themed, incredibly detailed and the orchestra, as well as serving, played the themes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Aimee and I drove to Toowoomba where her costume was being finished by Lisa, then on to Kingaroy. This is Aimee, me and Rachel. Rachel made her costume. I borrowed a belt from my sister and cut up my old Starlight Express t-shirt for the mask. We drank peanut liqueur. On Sunday Rachel showed us the sights of Kingaroy. We had lunch high up at the Belltower restaurant, then left town and ate lavender scones, and then Aimee and I drove back in the dark, singing.