Post-con post

Natcon has finished. I’m staying an extra day in Adelaide to see the sights (although going to the gallery today with Dirk and Jason has given me a new perspective on art history) and should be back late Tuesday night, assuming I survive frog cakes, chocolate frogs and a hotel which appears to be acquiring a reputation for being haunted.

I’ll upload con sketches when I get back. In the meantime, here’s a page from the last batch (and next in the sequence of tv sketches):

Page 3

8 thoughts on “Post-con post

  1. Frog cakes? Could be worse than any haunted hotels!

    Seriously, hope you have a great visit to Adelaide – I bet it is a beautiful place.

    • When it is not raining, or ambushing innocent interstate visitors with chocolate and bookstores, it isn’t bad at all!

  2. Everyone’s going to Adelaide!

    At least you’ll come back. Hopefully.

    Looking forward to hearing your tales!

    PS I like the sketches!

  3. Hey Kathleen!

    Hope you enjoyed your con, sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. Have a safe trip home, and watch out for flying jesus laser stigmata!

    Will have to get those E is for Earl piccies to you somehow.

    • I went back on Tuesday, Jason, and there are some images I could not get out of my mind… Sorry not to get to say goodbye, too – everyone scattered to the winds, or at least to separate restaurants.

  4. Nawww the gallery sounds like it was fun! Just be careful – apparently lots of people after the con have come down with something horrible, myself included >< I would RAWR but my throat hurts so it's a tiny, scratchy, unintelligable noise instead.

    • Oh no! So far I have nothing except a few images I can’t get out of my mind, so maybe a high degree of chocolate intake grants some immunity? I hope you get well soon!

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