Oh, look – a writing post

Did I mention I had a story accepted by Andromeda Spaceways a little while back? I just received the contract and sent it back yesterday, so keep an eye out for issue 41! My story is The Splendour Falls, about blind love, and dreams, and summer in the city, and possums. Well, not about possums, but they are mentioned.

In other writing news… still doing at least 100 words a day, although not always coherently. Sending out a rebounding story about dressing up and telling tales. Editing another about green coats and urban sprawl. Eyeballing a recalcitrant old one about a country town, and flowering vines and a thing-with-too-many-legs.

6 thoughts on “Oh, look – a writing post

  1. I wonder if I slushed that one? I don’t remember the title, but I’d know immediately if I glanced at it again. Doesn’t matter, anyhow. Blind slushing is definitely a Good Thing, and if you got to the point of publication, you beat a lot of very decent stories and writers.
    Nice one!

  2. Thanks! I agree (and try to keep unsubmitted story descriptions truthful but obscure). The main character shared a house with a chainsmoking lawyer named Brenda, if that helps?

    • ASIM is always an interesting read – you can buy hard copies or get pdf copies from the website. They’re up to issue 38.

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