Illustration Friday: Worn

Something quick this week – I’m moving house and learning to commute properly. I did some pen and ink sketches with “In her hair she wore a yellow ribbon” playing in the back of my mind.

I have a suspicion my bathroom was originally these colours, but it’s been painted with white tile paint so all you can see are the raised ghosts of flowers in certain lights:

Illustration Friday: Worn

This one makes me think of bandannas:

Illustration Friday: Worn

This, of course, is from the story of the girl who would never untie the ribbon around her neck…

Illustration Friday: Worn

3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Worn

  1. Did I mention I love your work? I’d love to do a children’s book with you. We’d never get it published, of course… the publishers like to use their in-house people. But I’d love to do it anyway!

  2. Hmm. Okay. Very strongly tempted now… D’you have an email address? Mine: flinthartas at, where obviously one has to replace “at” with “@”

    I read your note about no-internet-at-home yet, so take your time!

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