Illustration Friday: Hollow

Illustration Friday: Hollow

The hollowness of fame leads to “Ozymandias”, here narrated by a somewhat leonine traveller. This and the sketch below (not shown for its colours, but I saved it that way last night due to some emotional turmoil) are ideas for an accompaniment to the poem which (obviously) takes place at a dinner party.

Illustration Friday: Hollow

The somewhat runcible serving fork is based on an antique one I acquired while looking for a table. I still do not have a table, but have several art deco spoons as well as a button hook.

Due to factors previously mentioned and other family matters which have arisen since then, transmission may continue to be erratic for at least another week, at which point I will start commenting more and update re relevant events (and the house).

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Hollow

  1. My favourite of Shelley’s works. Unless you include Mary Shelley, of course. Her novel beats anything hubby did all hollow.

    • I was asked to recite it the other night, but ended up doing the Man from Ironbark instead – I don’t quite remember how.

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