Illustration Friday: Modify

Illustration Friday: Modify

Dip pen and ink (and lightbox, of course) with colour added in Photoshop. I was thinking, as I so often do, about masks and making things out of cardboard boxes (there are some beautiful installations around Brisbane by who works in corrugated cardboard), and people doing things quietly at home. The rhinoceros (that’s a rhinoceros mask) is Dirk’s fault (I’m also drawing real rhinoceri).

Illustration Friday: Modify

The new blog header is an altered version of a sketch from the trip to Adelaide for Natcon:

Pink Scarf

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Modify

  1. I really, really love the second picture, with the rhinoceros hat on. I think it’s because most of her face is covered, or the flower she’s holding, but either way I adore it.

  2. Love you work here. Thank you also for visiting my blog!! I’m looking forward to seeing Public Enemy – thank you for the return recommendation! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I’m amazed at your versatility — so many different styles and media. How great to be so talented in so many areas. I especially like your header image. The colors and style are great.

    Thanks for the blog visit and nice comments. Have a great day. :)

  4. I’ve always envied people with the ability to bring visual life to their imagination. Every time I look at your work, I feel that envy anew.

    The rhino-mask sketch is lovely. The flower is part of it, but the very neutral body language, the straight-legged, stiff-armed stance – they’re just as important. But for the gender, that could so easily be my younger son there, proudly showing off a fragile mask-creation, careful not to move too quickly or violently in case it falls off…

    …I wish I could do that!

    • Thank you! There are many things you do I wish I could. It’s odd, by the way, drawing to the names of children I haven’t seen.

    • Is that a … Play School reference? I had a deprived child hood – saw just enough PS to love the Rocket Clock and be annoyed that they never went through the arch window.

      We had an Interesting Thing Box growing up – curly seed pods and emu feathers and nests and bird skulls and Things in Jars. Kept it on top of the microwave.

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