Kashelle’s Wedding

Kashelle's hands

Kashelle and Andrew were married early in July, and it was a lovely wedding. Everyone involved was from church or family or friends. The MC was our current pastor, the officiant was the pastor when the couple met as well as the groom’s godfather, the music was provided by very musical friends and members of the Queensland Orchestra. The bride’s sisters did henna tattoos on her hands, friends did the flower arrangements, the mothers of home schooling families decorated the hall and everyone brought food which was more than adequate for 300+ guests. It was one of the loveliest, most relaxed, least insanely-expensive weddings I’ve been to, as well as being something of a reunion of people from the most unlikely places.

I’ve made the Flickr set with the original sketches for the invitations public. You can see now why I put this background on the invitation:


A digitally altered marker sketch for the order of service:


And something lighthearted for the thank yous:


The invitation isn’t in this shot because it is still somewhere in one of the boxes in my bedroom:


The bride and groom:

Kashelle & Andrew

And on the back of the thank you cards is a sketch I made in church:


4 thoughts on “Kashelle’s Wedding

  1. I would agree – your artistic contribution was truly something I know this couple will treasure all their lives. (and yes, I can see the provenance of the background on the invitation.)

    I wonder if anyone has ever had a “Dr. Who”- themed wedding? (I finally have seen some of those episodes!!)

    • It wouldn’t surprise me in the least… I just had a quick look and they have. I am a poor fan in many ways. I can understand dressing as someone else, and dressing up for your wedding, but am not *quite* up with dressing up as someone else *for* your wedding.
      But even in non-wedding costumes I’m trending towards other people who might still be you – the Dread Pirate Roberts and Fox the Librarian, etc.

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