In the interim: Cookies!

(Or biscuits, but I reserve the right to draw on the vocabulary of either side of the family).

Jason Nahrung is leaving Brisbane and, in an effort to avoid mopping the floor (I’ve bought a mop!), I made sugar cookies to take to his farewell party (slash garage sale – I came home with several pieces of furniture and an arrangement regarding two pews). These are iced with “good bye”, “bye”, “farewell”, “adieu”, “ade”, “aufwiedersehen” (that was difficult to fit on) and “good riddance”, among other things.

Farewell Sugar Cookies

One of the other things:

Vulcan Sugar Cookie

And last month I made these for a Christmas in July dinner: gingerbread dough rolled quite thin (I didn’t have a rolling pin at the time and had to use a short tumbler) so it baked in about 3 minutes, most iced with a star and a silver cachou in the middle but some left plain and iced with dark chocolate on the back:

Starry night cookies

I’m in Melbourne for Continuum 5, but will be back next week with sketches of the Ekka and, I hope, Melbourne.

11 thoughts on “In the interim: Cookies!

    • I know! I kept showing people the picture on my phone and saying, “Look at these cookies!”
      I need someone else to leave so I can make them again.

      ETA: Sorry – should I have been more self-deprecating? I really like how they turned out :)

    • Thanks! It was a cutter, but I can’t remember where it was from. I wander into cooking shops and buy interesting cutters occasionally (toy shops have them too sometimes).

    • Thank you! I had so much fun making them. I haven’t sold them – it might be too much like work – but occasionally I take them places and force-feed people. I like feeding people.

  1. By the way, the biscuits were awesome (gotta hand it to ya — boom boom!) and few, if any, survived till morning. Hope the pews are serving well!

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