Illustration Friday: Wrapped

Illustration Friday: Wrapped

A (semi) autobiographical sketch. Pen and ink with colour added in Photoshop. There is a larger version here.

ETA: It’s my mother’s birthday today so I might make this her card.

16 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Wrapped

    • I did – and I hope she does. She was very amused by it/me :) I’m glad because my dad ended up in hospital again on her birthday.

  1. …you should see the presents the kids get from me. I generally use duct tape. Natalie laughs at me, but the presents stay wrapped, the kids have to work at unwrapping them, and both boys have taken to carrying rolls of duct tape with them when we travel, ‘just in case’.

    I will NOT be defeated by a roll of shoddy wrapping paper, dammit!

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