Illustration Friday: Caution

Illustration Friday: Caution

I’ve wanted to start painting again for a while, especially now that I am living in a whole house instead of an annex. Last night the usual movie outing didn’t happen and my sister was at a fashion show so I rummaged around until I found some of my paints and various battered brushes, spread newspaper on the folding plastic table (the only one we have), opened the windows to let the heat out (it’s August!), put on Radio National (Background Briefing on Denis Rohan, and The Book Show on P.L. Travers (I knew she was Australian, but not that the the illustrations for Mary Poppins were done by Ernest Sheppard’s daughter)  and Lisa Lutz’s Spellman novels) and set to.

I own canvases, but I feel obliged to do a good job if I’m using something I bought for that purpose. Instead, I repurposed one of the few boxes I’ve actually unpacked (it was probably full of dictionaries).

Illustration Friday: Caution - lid

It was painted very quickly in cheap acrylics: white ground, image sketched in black paint (the usual model – a photo of me in the lounge room and a photo of my boots at the train station on my way home) and then coloured in. I added the text in Photoshop – the texture is from the upper left of the blue-green background. The layout is a trial of one I want to use for a personal cover project.

Illustration Friday: Caution - close

14 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Caution

  1. I really like the layout and the colour detail you’ve managed to get in there – there’s a lot more colours in there than you expect at first glance.

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun doing it this way – just splashing colours around, closing my eyes and dabbing in green…

  2. Wow thats awesomeo. Reminds me of a warm summers day with the wind gently caressing my bald scalp and the granules of sand tickling my toes as I take a leisurely stroll down the beach.

    A feel good moment.

  3. okay, comment 7 was NOT me! I forwarded this URL to someone and it kept all my details in the above boxes…so they thought they’d be a smart-arse.

    Having said that, I agree with everything they said :-)

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