Illustration Friday: Magnify

Illustration Friday: Magnify

Pen and ink and photography. I may still add some red to her hair (but was scanning & editing while trying to run out the door this morning).

The first idea was perhaps too subtle – or maybe I need to work on a larger scale.

Illustration Friday: Magnify

And in other activities…

Sugar cookies

The cookies are all from one [ETA: one double] batch of sugar cookie dough – there are: big plain cookies with yellow flowers, chequerboard (cocoa and plain) with chocolate on the back (drying upside down), plain flower with 100s&1000s in centre, little flowers with 100s&1000s kneaded in, jam and marmalade drops and cinnamon stars (little and crunchy and sweet). I’m still trying to work out if fine icing counts as a day’s drawing.

16 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Magnify

    • Thanks, Sophie! And the primary justification for the existence of cookies is that they are an excellent reason to sit down with a cup of tea!

  1. I like this a lot, but I think the effect would be better if the entire drawing was covered by the magnifying glass. That way it could pass for actually being magnified. But as you said, you were rushing out the door!

    Cookie-decorating like that definitely counts as drawing. I’ve never wanted to decorate cookies like that – although they’re lovely, I don’t have the patience for it.

    • Thanks! I may do a reshoot, or at least a recolour (the words were actually elsewhere on the paper and photoshopped over the top). I was thinking magnify –> magnifying glass –> intrepid girl detective and then decided to throw my actual magnifying glass into the mix because it is really pretty (and has a jade handle which you can’t see here):)

      The icing is actually surprisingly fast – I may post more on that later.

  2. Very nice cookie work. It’s awesome to find another pen and ink illustrator. I just finished a project of my own! Come on over and see it if you like. And don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

  3. mmm, cookies! Prima baked ginger cookies for me when I had the flu on the weekend, but I’ve finished them all. Well, never mind, two birthday cakes tomorrow (twins’ 14th).

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