Ducks and Bees

One of my nephews turned 7 in August. My older sister gave the wish list to my younger sister who relayed to me that he wanted a transforming bumblebee mask. We eventually worked out that what he wanted was a Bumblebee Transformer Helmet, which was duly purchased and posted. I was on card-making detail, so drew the original misunderstanding in pen and ink, coloured it in Photoshop and printed it on my nice drawing paper (as I did for my mother’s card – it gives a really nice effect, as if you’d drawn the final instead of printing it). I coloured two alternatives – the one we actually sent had a greenish background behind the boy):

Bumblebee Mask

There’s a new header for September, from my Ekka sketches:

Duck header

But I quite liked the August header, and may trot it out again sometime:

August header

12 thoughts on “Ducks and Bees

  1. The artist is damned good, no?

    PS — Tan, Beeso is a Briz chap, and dedicated to his craft. If he’s offering honey or duck eggs, you can bet they’re GOOD honey and duck eggs.

  2. The honey that i got off the hives last weekend is particurlarly good. Was thinking of trying to smuggle some to Tassie for you Flinty, but it might be a tad hard.

    The problem i have is for all my self taught skills in photoshop, i’m no artist and i can’t seem to take a photo that encapsulates what Lantanaland is about to manipulate.

    Looks like i’ll have a HUUUGE amount of mulberries to give away this year as well. Living in a duck pen has done that tree a whole heap of favours

    • Mulberry pie!

      But does living in a mulberry pen do the *eggs* any flavours? I ask only because we did that to our chooks once and I have a dim memory of blue-tinged eggs.

  3. This is only the trees first full fruiting, it was a metre high this time last year. Now it is a umbrella shaped tree about three metres high with thousands of mulberries on it. Hope i get blue eggs, that’d be cool!

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