Illustration Friday: Strong

Illustration Friday: Strong - colour

Back to scratchboard (getting back into practice for a project). Coloured in Photoshop. This took… under 3 hours from sketch to upload, I think.

Illustration Friday: Strong

It’s an illustration for the story of the brave little tailor, who killed 7 flies in one blow and spun that achievement into a kingdom. If you don’t know the story, this is just after he challenged a giant to squeeze water from a rock. He is now demonstrating his superior abilities by squeezing whey from some cheese he had in his pocket. Also, you may note the green scissors have returned! Previous instances include:
Illustration Friday: Contained Illustration Friday: Resolove Illustration Friday: Pale, with colour

And in other news, I now have internet at home!

10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Strong

  1. PS the chortling was done with joy and for the reason that you now have internet. Isn’t it always a saga when you first connect it? One day it won’t be…

  2. Very nice exploration of the word. I had completely forgotten this fairy tale until I read “some cheese he had in his pocket” and the whole thing came rushing back to me. Thanks for that.

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