A complaint

Page 33

My sister, on the left here, will not even agree to be a subject for photoreference. When she suspects I am drawing her, she starts moving and shifting position. Sometimes she starts up when I am drawing something else altogether, and then I don’t enlighten her.

Otherwise, she is excellent company. She wakes up to the smell of biscuits (snickerdoodles today), and I come home to the smell of fresh-mown grass.

4 thoughts on “A complaint

  1. To be honest, I would be in your sister’s camp here. I can’t stand having my picture taken; I doubt I would like being sketched any better. Sorry.

    There’s something about the way you’ve drawn her socked feet that I really like.

  2. Thanks!

    It isn’t, I think, that she doesn’t like having pictures of her but that she objects to the process. There is a way she sighs that says it is a great inconvenience, an imposition on her time, inconsistent with her view of how the evening should progress.

    I always show her afterwards and she doesn’t mind *after* the event :)

    • I’m still trying to talk her into letting me sketch when she’s doing a fashion parade in the living room asking for input on an outfit for an event. She hasn’t agreed yet, but I think I am wearing her down.

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