Sketching at the Brisbane Writers Festival

Page 34

The Brisbane Writers Festival was on last week and this weekend. I was in Toowoomba on Saturday (the sketches above are of Aimee and Lisa trying to decide on fabric for a costume for Aimee – I sat on a chair in the store and drew and Aimee said that from the side I looked like Whistler’s mother) but on Sunday, after baking too many Snickerdoodles, I drove in to South Bank. The flower above at bottom right is – I think – a passion flower. Such strange, almost excessively fringed and tassled flowers.

Page 35

I saw a panel on “Writing the City”, with Jeb Brugmann, Gary Bryson, Nick Earls and Miriam Cosic (top right). More a discussion of what they’ve written than the techniques & theory (but I’m used to a different sort of convention!), and the highlight for me was Nick Earls reading selections from his books describing parts Brisbane over the years. They also talked about the culture/’emotional fact’ of a city and how this is relevant both to urban renewal projects and to writing fiction (including fictionalised cities) – something that actually came up in a town planning seminar I was at yesterday morning. I like writing about cities, so I will be thinking about all this for a while.

On the right page at the bottom left is James A Levine (no website), who was signing when I sketched him. I had run into Tim while sitting on the edge of a garden bed drawing pigeons and he and I went over to show the sketch to its subject. We had a very pleasant conversation (and he signed the drawing).

4 thoughts on “Sketching at the Brisbane Writers Festival

  1. I came home from the writer’s festival on friday and saturday with a notebook of scrawls which I’m still I enjoyed your take on events T.
    The festival seems to provide fresh or unexpected angles on all kinds of subjects to muse on for some time.
    Shall look forward to perhaps seeing the outcome of further thinking about cities…

  2. Your drawing of James A. Levine is neat- it features his signing a drawing of him signing! There has to be an artistic or literary term for that but I can’t at the moment think of it.

    You might find this interview of S.M. Stirling by Glenn Reynolds on the topic of “State of SciFi, and The Creation of New Worlds” to be interesting. Prof. Reynolds (law prof. at Univ. of Tennessee) is quite a scifi aficionado.

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