Illustration Friday: Infinite

Illustration Friday: Infinite

This is a very small (about 1.5 x 1 inches) scratchboard picture based on the sketches I made driving back from Sydney with my sister on Monday. I decided then to do a road for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. She wanted me to put the view of Muswellbrook in as well. It’s been years since I’d been driven that way, but I remembered those towers (they were shaped like a plastic stool we had at the time) and the sign reassuring passers by that the clouds are only water vapour.

Here are the driving sketches (as ever, to see a larger version you can click on the picture to go to its Flickr page, then click on “All sizes” above the image):

Page 37

My fast sketching ability was taxed, but it was a beautiful drive, though a long day. We met the removalists at my grandmother’s house in Sydney at 6am, were on the road by 6.25 and arrived at home in Brisbane at 9.30pm, very stiff from not being able to put our seats back because of boxes (of plates and dolls and cotton reels, photos and icecube trays and picnic sets) and (in my case) from driving down Cunningham’s Gap for the first time, at night, in the rain. There were some stops along the way, but right at the very end there were roadworks and we had to take a great long detour to get to our street.

The removalists arrived yesterday in the dust storm and I now have a house… very full of chairs (I am only babysitting some of them), but with real, grown-up furniture – a love seat and wooden recliners and a little green sofa and a sideboard and a serving trolley and a lovely dining table with big clawed feet and a bewildering assortment of occasional tables.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Infinite

  1. The very first time I got in the driver’s seat on my learner’s permit, I was amazed how much I could see because of the rearview mirror. This illustration expresses that so well! Thanks for reminding me of that moment.

    • Hi!

      1. Yes, although until now I’ve tended only to draw people *in* the car because they don’t move quite so quickly.

      2. All my sketches are pretty quick – I practised on latin dancers and worked up from there – but it is frustrating. My hand-memory is better than my visual-memory (I can remember how to draw something better than what it looked like).

      3. I don’t unless I’m sick with something else, for which I am very grateful since I grew up with regular 1 – 6 hour car trips.

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