I went over to wander the city botanic gardens in my lunch break last week – I love the avenue of bamboo, tall and green and rattling and carved with pale graffiti – and found that they have eels in the ponds! Eels swaying through the waterweed and nosing up to the surface, a turtle sunning itself on a rock and stretching a hind leg lazily, and great big bearded dragons posed on rocks with their tails hanging down into the path, scaring – and being scared by – small children.

I went back to draw the eels yesterday but stopped in a gallery on the way and ended up listening to BBC comedy sketches with the owner instead.

Page 36

At the bottom of the page are my nephews, in Sydney trying out my cousin’s two-wheel skateboard (without any resounding success), and on the right is the younger’s drawing of the sundial in the garden in Killara – it has a twisted pedestal of thin red bricks and the gnomon (yes, I had to look that up) is verdigrised. The blue areas are probably a fairly accurate depiction of the path I followed bounding around to point out where the shadows went over the bricks and the edge of the base and how they worked.