Splendour Falls

I was on a panel about short story writing yesterday, and two ASIM editors mentioned issue #41 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine , but I had only received issue #40 recently and didn’t register until after the panel that #41 was out and for sale in the dealers’ room.

My story “The Splendour Falls” is in this issue It’s about wishes and dreams, and getting them and giving them up, and possums and housemates and Kismet and literary references from Shakespeare to A. A. Milne. 

Conflux is going very well and we ate a great deal at the historical banquet last night (1883 Louisana, this year) and I know photos were taken of costumes, so I am sure they will show up the internet at some point.

13 thoughts on “Splendour Falls

  1. Hmm. I haven’t received mine yet… but if that’s the story I think it is, I believe I may have slushed it. I’ll let you know when I see it in print!

  2. ASIM folks asked me what issue I wanted to start my subscription with. I was going to go with the next one, then I saw your name (and a couple of others – it’s got some good people!). Now I just need to pause for long enough to read it!

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