Illustration Friday: Flying

Illustration Friday: Flying

This is a product of my reading habits this year, the sudden surge of interest in steampunk (it’s Steampunk Month on if you’d like more information on that), living under a flightpath (for really small planes – it’s like living in a WWII movie) and a song that was the soundtrack to part of my college career (it’s bizarre and will start playing without warning: Moon Song).

A very quick piece in between 32 translations (and counting), work and picking my sister up from the station. Pen and ink with digital colour.

18 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Flying

    • Hehe – thanks :) I’d borrowed a book on Amelia Earhart and was trying to capture a bit of that look. But with, you know, dirigibles.

    • Thanks! I had some books on early aviation and art deco (separate books) out and was struck by the colours and the clouds in the old posters – I’m very much learning how to do clouds.

  1. PS Due to that flash animation we saw back in college, every time I hear the word dirigible, I hear the words, “That’s lovely Mark. What could go better than helium and gerbils?” and “dirigiberbils!” etc.

    Then, I start to sing, “We like the moooon!”

    And subside into happy reminiscences of college randomness. So thank you!

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