MX42 / Illustration Friday: Frozen

MX 42 / Illustration Friday: Frozen

Jadis of Charn, the White Witch of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’ve defined the nose a bit more since scanning this. Also, I’ve learned one lesson from my painting attempts – I can’t expect to work at the same scale and level of detail as I can in pen and ink!

This is for both Illustration Friday and for Lady Orlando’s “Witches” themed moleskine for the 42nd Moleskine Exchange

In other news, here are three discarded designs for a bookplate (the final will be revealed once it is finalised):

Fan 1

Pen and ink:
Fan 2

Scratchboard again (with garish colours for kicks):
Fairy Godmother

12 thoughts on “MX42 / Illustration Friday: Frozen

  1. The representation of Jadis is very well-done. For some reason I have always pictured Jadis as a blonde, but in this depiction her dark hair sets off the crown really effectively and contrasts with the robe and the wintry snow very well.

    • Thank you! I can’t remember if the books describe her as having black hair, or if it is just that picture of her standing on the roof of the hansome cab with her hair waving, running riot through the streets of London in The Magician’s Nephew really stuck with me.

  2. Hi, I really like your range of media and drawing styles in this post! Also, I always wanted to try scratchboard- in the last drawing, did you paint on the board or add the colors digitally?

    • Thank you, Eliza!
      You can add colour to scratchboard with watercolour and inks, but I always fall in love with the black and white and haven’t brought myself to add colour that way! I scan the pictures in, set them as a layer in Photoshop (set to ‘multiply’) and then paint the colours underneath. It lets me play around with different effects, as well.

  3. I love them all. I’ve never actually pictured Jadis, but this is good. I truly love the bottom bookplate – a very clever way to integrate the area for the name into an illustration.

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