Illustration Friday: Skinny

Ah, November, season of writing 2,000+ words a day.

Illustration Friday this week is themed “Skinny”, which led me to think of long, thin (relatively speaking) tails, and long clever fingers.

Et voila:

Illustration Friday: Skinny

This is also the new blog header. I do have some slightly more developed ideas on the theme, but see the first sentence of this post to calculate the likelihood of them being finished by Friday.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Skinny

  1. I really love the Lemur, I couldn’t remember what they looked like when I read your tweet, but as soon as I saw it it was perfect.

    From now on, every other Lemur I see will have a short and stumpy tail. I do love your art. And how you manage that and your 2k words I will never know.

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