Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

A little cotton-candy circus fantasy for Illustration Friday. You can see it larger here.

The panels were done in Inkscape, the lines with a pen and everything else in Photoshop.

The texture in the background is from the endpapers of my great-grandfather’s autograph album, which as best I can tell was in use from at least 1908 to 1913 and contains signatures and poems and paintings and such sentiments as:

Fall from the hill tops,
Fall from above
Fall from every where
But for Heaven’s sake,
Don’t Fall in Love.
Janey McHough – 11.12.08

Good boys love their sisters
But far better have they grown
That they love other boys’ sisters
Far better than their own
ELS – Oct 24 1907

To Willy:
“Be Good.”
Yours “The Egg”
31st May 1907
HMS Orient

13 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Unbalanced

  1. I love this whole post so much I wish I could eat it up! The notes to your g-grandfather are remarkable, and the illustration is SO wonderful. I think I’ll print it out and pin it up at my desk.

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