Illustration Friday: Entangled

Illustration Friday: Entangled

It can be metaphorical, if you like. Mostly I’ve just been reading too much of The Faery Reel and think Moreton Bay Fig buttress roots look prehensile. Pen with colour added in Photoshop, and you can see a larger version here.

This may end up becoming the December blog header, which is the reason for the shape.

25 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Entangled

  1. Tanaudel…I love the image of being rolled up in tree roots…
    it suddenly triggered memories of Pixie O’Harris’s children’s book illustrations where there were amazing trees with very extensive root systems and into these were drawn steps and paths and doors into trees where fairies lived(?)
    Have you any idea who I am referring to?
    Do you now these images?
    Your drawing works for me – to think it could bring all that back. At a certain age, having read such books, studied the images for ages, I actually believed if I could fine the right trees I would find these steps and be able to go into the trees!

    • I think so – I didn’t grow up on her, but I must have been exposed because (Googling) her pictures look very familiar and I’m sure I remember drawing pictures inspired by them at some point.

      I was always trying to find doorways between trees that crossed over each other like arches.

  2. Cool! Moretan Bay fig-trees are just so bizarre looking…kinda like ents? We have a bunch of those trees around Adelaide, and I’ve seen homeless folks sleeping in those root systems, so I guess they give good shelter – WHEN THEY’RE NOT TRYING TO SNATCH YOU AND SLOWLY DIGEST YOU AND – what I’m trying to say is, cool pic!

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  4. I’m a bit obssessed with Moreton Bay Fig trees myself especially their nature and way of being. Of course they have their own ideas. Especially i’m interested in them now that they are used as a medicine in homeopathy (since new work on them recently by Alastair gray). I love your illustration.

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