Illustration Friday: Crunchy

Pen with colour added in Photoshop, layout inspired by Jacob Haynes’ entry last week. I should, of course, be concentrating on what can be done with black and white rather than on layout at this point (secret project + general comics education). Maybe next week.

This is not me but maybe possibly based on a real occurence(s). It’s a good thing people keep giving me plants. Sometimes when I come home there are bromeliads or potless aloe vera in the sink. The neighbour gives them to us over the fence and my sister puts them there for me (hah!) to deal with. This week the neighbour gave us a pot of rosemary, now sitting under the front windows next to the mysteriously-still-not-quite-dead-yet geraniums. One of the elders from church stopped by with his wife for pfeffernuesse and tea one Sunday night and they gave me something glossy with white flowers (they didn’t know what it was either, which is how horror stories start, but so far it is coping with life on the kitchen bench).

Other parts based on real life: I bought the necklace on Saturday when on the Paddington art gallery walk (late opening, paintings, guitar and violin, cheese and crackers, Spanish barbeque, Pendragon shoes…). I have a shirt with that collar, but it is blue and white striped – I would quite like this one. A red enamel watering can (all the better to kill the petunias with) is one of my few extravagant house related purchases. And the perennial petunia really is dead and crispy.