It has been an at-work-till-10:30pm sort of week, so I unwound a bit tonight by unpacking my Christmas ornaments and listening to the Go-Betweens. This being my first Christmas with my own house, it is a very small collection, but there are now hand-painted hearts on the cords of the blinds and a wire-and-glass-leaf wreath (and a push pin) on the front door. Still, for such a small collection, I found some surprises.

Illustration Friday: Hatch

There is a clean version of this picture, but I prefer it with the pencil lines and the texture of the paper. Pencil and Photoshop. Two of the ornaments are from the box, but the squid-grenade is really a cloisonne bauble, and very colourful (and, I think, empty).

This is for the Lovecraft art jam again, as well as for Illustration Friday.