Illustration Friday: Undone

Illustration Friday: Undone

I may have gone a little overboard with the textures here… Pen drawing with colour and texture added in Photoshop. I was drinking tea (pretty much my base state) at the computer and using an old pressed-metal coaster, so I scanned that in as well and used it for the textures.

The real boots are plain black, and I love them – they are the most comfortable shoes I have owned and I have spent a whole evening dancing in them (in these socks and a black brocade regency dress with a train) without a twinge.

And as a Christmas present, I have put up some gift tags which you are welcome to print and use.

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Undone

  1. Thank you all, very much!
    Aimee – I think you’ve borrowed this skirt – it’s the magenta, black and white Indian print with the safety pin at the side :)

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