Happy New Year! And Illustration Friday: Renewal

January Header

A new blog header for January, but continuing with December’s tree theme. This is also my picture for the first Illustration Friday topic for 2010. It is two (well, 1 and 2 half) twigs from a bottle brush tree at my parents’ house, tied with string and drawn with pen then coloured on the computer (while watching While You Were Sleeping). It has been rainy and warm and everything is growing wildly: the bottle brush as well as the mushrooms and the cane toads.

I’ve messed around with the colours a bit more in the next piece. I’ve been looking at a lot of older illustrations and quite like the effect of white/cream tinted illustrations, and the effects achieved with limited printing techniques.

Illustration Friday: Renewal

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and that you have a wonderful new year. I spent my New Year’s Eve with Deb, reading Trivial Pursuit questions until 2.30am. It was a 1981 edition, so it had questions like “what candy does the American president keep in a jar on his desk”, which I actually knew the answer to, although I couldn’t remember which of our prime ministers took him a top-up, and we had to adjust other clues for inflation. On New Year’s Day we went for a walk along the beach, and fish and chips, and visited her nephew. The other main activity of the weekend was reading A Study in Scarlet to my father.

And finally, I will start the usual round of year-in-review posts soon, but this is a round-up of all my Illustration Friday thumbnails for 2009:

2009 Illustration Friday Thumbnails

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And Illustration Friday: Renewal

  1. Wonderful drawing, and I like all the experimentation with color. Makes an exquisite header. Also, what a great idea to do a collage of IF thumbnails! Clever!

  2. I wonder how many of those 1981 answers I would have known. That was the year I was born, but many online quizzes have demonstrated that I have the trivia knowledge of a baby boomer.

    I like the new header. Can you use those twigs as bottle brushes or is it just a name?

  3. Happy New Year to you and all who read this great blog. I LIKE the bottle-brush drawings…the experimentation with color is cool. But I found the accumulated thumbnails from “Illustration Friday” to be an amazing collection – no one can ever accuse you of lacking imagination!

    • Thanks, Will! I’m glad I put it together – I think it looks neat – but it did take me a while to track them all down again. Maybe I’ll keep better track this year.

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