Thank You and Christmas Cards

This year for Christmas cards I had a stationer in the city cut and score some nice white ‘felt’ card for me: not hugely expensive and much neater than doing it myself! I printed them on my home printer. The image was the marker sketch on the right below, made Christmas 2008.

Page 28

I am in the process of doing thankyou cards, but have already done a limited edition of two for Aimee and Lisa who gave me, among other things, a pipe – to my delight and the puzzlement of my relatives.

The pipe was given to me for reference/interest. I do not smoke anything, but before I was born my father used to smoke cigarettes and my mother told him he had to stop, so he started smoking a pipe. I remember the pipe and the tobacco tins, and how he would sit on the step and clean and pack and light the pipe, and I remember watching the beautiful coils of smoke rising. He always spent more time preparing the pipe than actually smoking it. He stopped years ago now, but I miss it.


The picture is a marker drawing, from a reference shot taken in the bathroom mirror on New Year’s Day, with colour and effects added in Photoshop.

3 thoughts on “Thank You and Christmas Cards

  1. My grandfather smoked a pipe under similar circumstances. I loved the smell of it and still do.

    I like the thank-you, but I think I would have thought it perfect if your eyes weren’t doing that strange Village of the Damned thing.

    • Heheh. I read that and thought “What? Looking left?” and then realised what you meant. I’ll watch out for that effect in future!

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