Experiments with Bacon


This was a test of several techniques (not all visible) for a larger project I’m working on.

  1. Took photos of myself with a kitchen knife and a piggy bank and downloaded them onto my computer.
  2. Laid out the panels and text in Photoshop, coloured the lines blue and printed it on my drawing paper. Edit: Whenever I say “Photoshop” I mean a slightly elderly version of Photoshop Elements which came with some hardware.
  3. Sat in front of the computer and sketched the figures in blue pencil, using the photos for reference.
  4. Sat at table and drew over lines, text and sketches with technical pens (Unipin  0.8, 0.2, 0.1 and Staedtler 0.005).
  5. Scanned picture in. Edit: Since I was asked, I scanned it in at 300dpi, but the original drawing is also somewhat larger than the final.
  6. Knocked out the blue lines and tweaked the contrast to black and white to show just the final lines.
  7. Added flat colour in Photoshop. Edit: In answer to a question – using layers, so that I can fiddle with each colour/area/effect (whatever I’m fixated on that day) separately.

This, and a practice page, have been very useful exercises, and taught me which artists I am not, and which techniques not to try and use on a deadline if I want to maintain my sanity.

You may discern the residual traces of my pain at getting to the end of the pay week and having 45c left and not being able to buy tomatoes (I only dip into savings for books – and my sister bought the tomatoes so we still had bruschetta :)

6 thoughts on “Experiments with Bacon

  1. Funny. Makes me want to try a sequential drawing. II’m going to post a link list to green things tomorrow, because, I don’t know, I see to be in a green phase. I’ll put you on the list if that’s okay.

    • Hey! Thanks, so do I :) The larger project is black and white, so that was what I was *meant* to be experimenting with, but I can’t help trying colour out.

  2. When I saw the title I first thought Sir Francis Bacon (wasn’t he something of a scientist?) but then realized you were making a very clever play on words. For some reason I too like the color version better – it sort of seems more 3-D to me, and I like it a lot.

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